Daily Update from Mr. Romagnino

Thursday, April 2, 2020
  1. Starting Monday, New Jersey students in grades 3 through 6 can tune into public television to follow some of the classroom lessons they’ve been missing since the statewide closure of schools due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Garden State teachers will be giving lessons on NJTV, the state’s public-access network, in an initiative designed to advance remote instruction at home. NJTV, the New Jersey Education Association, and the New Jersey Department of Education partnered together in the effort

 The lessons will be available during four programs on the show NJTV Learning Live each weekday. Third-grade instruction begins at 9 a.m.; fourth-grade programming is at 10 a.m.; fifth grade is 11 a.m; and sixth-grade instruction begins at noon.

Subjects will include English language arts, math, science, social studies, and a “special” such as art, music or physical education.

Families can find their local channel on NJTV’s “Where to Watch” webpage. The on-air classroom lessons will also be live-streamed and archived on the network’s website, NJTVonline.org

The program will supplement the instruction that students are already getting from teachers online and in paper packets amid the statewide shift to home-based instruction. New Jersey officials haven’t said yet when the statewide school closure is likely to end. 

Each hour-long segment will feature a lesson recorded by a teacher from his or her home. More than 200 educators volunteered to provide lessons, according to the department of education.“

NJTV Learning Live is scheduled to run until May and can continue into mid-June if needed. 

  1. CP Virtual Spirit Week continues tomorrow with Pajama Day.
  2. Today over 600 breakfast/lunch combos were served to our students.
Wednesday, April 1, 2020
  1. Families in need of emergency food can contact the FCDC Food Pantry at St. John’s Church. Intake over the phone: and pick up at end of the driveway between the Rectory and Convent on Anderson Ave.


Monday through Saturday



  1. 941.2977
  1. Middle School students as anoptional assignment showed their support and gratitude for healthcare workers.  Using their assignments, Ms. Matone was able to make the following video;


  1. Grab and Go Breakfast and Lunch will be closed on Good Friday, April 10th.  The good news is that during our spring break I will have the cafeteria open so our free/reduced students will receive breakfast and lunch from Mon-Fri, April 13th– 17th.
  1. Beginning Monday, April 20th, K-2 students will begin their virtual learning digitally.  If you are in need of a loaner Chrome Book, please contact your building principal.
Tuesday, March 31, 2020
  1. The annual school budget election has been changed to May 12th.  This year’s vote will be by ‘mail only ballots’.  Registered voters will receive a ballot in the mail along with a post marked return envelope.  When you receive your ballot, please vote for the school budget and return in a timely manner.  The deadline for the county receiving ballots will be announced in the mailing.
  1. This week we are celebrating Virtual Spirit Week in all of our schools.  Today was Red & Black Day celebrated by students and staff who wore those colors while virtually learning.
  1. Due to the length of our school closure, Principals have been loaning Chrome Books to students in grades K-2.  If you are in need of a Chrome Book, please call your child’s Principal.
  1. Beginning next Friday, April 10thand continuing through April 19thall schools and offices will be closed for our spring break.  Virtual learning will begin again on Monday, April 20th unless we hear otherwise from our Governor.
Monday, March 30, 2020

In Memory of CP Teacher, Ben Luderer.  Thanks for being a great coach, teacher, friend and always a mentor and role model for you students.

Sunday, March 29, 2020
Tomorrow my staff will begin week 3 of remote learning with your children.  In addition to the classroom many of our staff members are also meeting with their clubs, teams and extra curricular activities. Once again Parents I’m asking for your assistance with the virtual learning process.  We need your help in making sure that your children are logged in everyday, participating and completing assignments in a timely manner.  Please be reminded that your child’s performance during this unprecedented school closure will affect his or her grades and possible promotion to their next grade. 
If you or your children need any assistance please contact your principal or my office by phone or email.
Friday, March 27, 2020
  1. 1. Parents: Your participation is so important in order for our virtual learning process to be successful. Please be reminded of the following

Keep your child on a schedule!  As the days of school closure go on, it is tempting to let our children sleep in, however this is one of the most important recommendations for success with remote learning.  Routines establish clear expectations for children and they need to be held accountable.

Please respond to teacher requests for communication.  Teachers may call you or reach out to you via Class Dojo, email, etc.  Be on the lookout for messages and please respond in a timely fashion.  For many students in the lower grades, this will affect your child’s attendance.

Review the daily assignments together every day and check that they are completed.  Some days the teacher will ask to interact with your child on Raz-Kids, Google Meet or other “live” programs.  Such interactions are just like actual class time and student performance will be considered for grading purposes.

¡Mantenga a su hijo en un horario! A medida que avanzan los días de cierre de la escuela, es tentador dejar que nuestros hijos duerman, sin embargo, esta es una de las recomendaciones más importantes para el éxito con el aprendizaje remoto. Las rutinas establecen expectativas claras para los niños y deben hacerse responsables.

Por favor responda a las solicitudes de comunicación del maestro. Los maestros pueden llamarlo o comunicarse con usted a través de Class Dojo, correo electrónico, etc. Esté atento a los mensajes y responda de manera oportuna. Para muchos estudiantes en los grados inferiores, esto afectará la asistencia de su hijo.

Revisen las tareas diarias juntas todos los días y verifique que se hayan completado. Algunos días, el maestro le pedirá que interactúe con su hijo en Raz-Kids, Google Meet u otros programas “en vivo”. Dichas interacciones son como el tiempo real de clase y el rendimiento del alumno se considerará para fines de calificación.

  1. Our school nurse, Maria Capano, School 4, provided some suggestions for parents regarding our students: Please take the time to review:
  1. Suggestions for adjusting to long days at home:
  • Movement – go for walks/runs/bike rides, exercise at home
  • Connect with others – FaceTime, Google Hangout
  • Do something for others – help parents/siblings, teach lessons to younger siblings, help around the house (cook with your parent, clean up your room)
  • Learn a new skill
  • Create a gratitude list
  • Get creative – write, draw, paint, make music
  • Keep a journal about this experience
  1. Stress Management Tools:

Meditation Apps: 

Calm: https://www.calm.com/

Insight Timer: https://insighttimer.com/ (has the most free options)

Headspace: https://www.headspace.com/

  1. Activities

Kid Yoga Videos:


At home workout videos for teachers/parents


Yoga with Adriene:


  1. Please remind your child(ren) about social distance during this weekend.
Thursday, March 26, 2020
  1. The calendar for the 2020-2021 has been approved and posted to our website.


  1. The school budget election has been moved to May 12thdue to the current situation.  This year the county of elections informed us that it will be BALLOT BY MAIL only. Every registered voter will receive a ballot in the mail.  Please vote and support your schools!!!
  2. Congratulations to the CP Athletic Department for raising over $800 in donations that will be used to provide food to Holy Name and Palisades General Hospitals.
  3. I received two emails from parents commending our staff for the great job they have been doing with our Virtual Learning Program:

Parent said, “My daughter’s teachers have done an amazing job! I know I was stressed out the first day of virtual learning and I apologize as I was impatient. Now I feel proud of the school district and specifically School’s # 6 staff, teachers and principal. I have shared what my daughter has been doing for her schooling with other parents and co- workers and they are simply amazed…Saying they don’t have that support or their school is not as organized as my daughter’s is. Keep up the good work”!

Parent said:  “Mr. Romagnino, I wanted to reach out to inform you of the amazing job Ms. at School #4 has been doing.  All year she has gone above and beyond with her assignments, making sure her students are truly learning the content.  My son has Ms. for Math and ELA. Switching to the new video learning so quickly was so helpful for my son.  It gave him a sense of normalcy during these uncertain times.  We will be forever grateful for all the work she is doing for my son and his classmates”.

  1. Tomorrow completes week 2 of our virtual learning program!!
Wednesday, March 25, 2020
  1. The Cliffside Park Board of Education will hold a Virtual Board Meeting tonight at 7pm.Please visit our website to access this live meeting.
  2. What students are saying:

Student to a HS teacher: “I wanted to email you to let you know how much I appreciate how helpful you have been since the beginning of quarantine. This pandemic that’s going is really affecting me and I know it affects my teachers as well. You have been patient with all of us and I thank you for that because times now are rough. We see the effort you put into us, please don’t think it doesn’t go unnoticed. Thank you and I appreciate you.”

  1. Our teachers are doing a great job with our remote learning program. Their biggest challenge is making sure students are participating on a daily basis and that they are handing in assignments in timely manner. Please help us in this partnership by speaking with your child(ren) about taking part in the remote learning process every day from 8:30am – 12:30pm and that they are handing in ALL assignments on-time.
  2. Our lunch count today was about 500.  Since day one we have tripled the number of parents/students who are taking part in our breakfast/lunch Grab and Go.
Tuesday, March 24, 2020
  1. From Governor Murphy:  New Jersey has applied for a federal waiver to cancel student standardized testing scheduled for April amid the statewide coronavirus shutdown. “With students at home, and not in their regular classrooms, it is simply not feasible for us to be able to move forward with testing in any meaningful way,” Murphy said in a statement.
  2.  Please visit our website atwww.cliffsidepark.edufor links to all of our school’s virtual learning sites.  Each site will provide information about your child’s classes, assignments and responsibilities.
  3. PreK-2 parents: Please pickup your child’s packet for the weeks of March 30thand April 7th.  If you have questions, please contact your child’s teacher or your school’s principal.
  4. After a morning of remote instruction, it’s important that your children take part in some recreational activities in the afternoon. I know most parents are isolating their children from their peers but you can arrange for playdates using Google Meet or Microsoft Zoom!!  Children, during these difficult times need to interact with their friends!
Monday, March 23, 2020
  1. Governor Murphy announced today that schools will be closed for an indefinite period of time.  What that tells us is that virtual learning will be here for a while.
  2. We are all experiencing some type of stress during these uncertain times, especially your children, who are our students.  While it’s important that we continue to provide your children with academic instruction, my staff and I are also concerned about the emotional and social well-being of your children.  It’s vital that you speak with your child(ren) every day.  Ask them things like, ‘”how do you feel”, “how is your virtual learning coming along”, etc. Anything that will spark conversation.  If you think that your child is experiencing bouts of sadness, depression or anxiety, I urge you to contact your primary care physician, our school nurse and/or your child’s guidance counselor for resources that are available.
  3. Principals in Schools 3, 4 and 5 are sending out emails and Swift Reach calls to notify parents who have students in grades PreK-2 that packets for next week are available for pickup. Please contact your child’s Principal for additional information.
  4. Staff in grades 6-12 will begin the grading process for the 3rd marking period.  Please make sure that that your child(ren) are submitting all assignments.  Missing assignments will negatively affect grades.
  5. EXTENDED HOURSA grab and go lunch and breakfast is available Monday – Thursday from 12:45pm – 1:45pm and on FRIDAYS from 12:45 – 2:30 for students who qualify for the Free or Reduced lunch program.   Breakfast and Lunch will be available for pickup at one location; School #3 located at Park/Palisade Avenues.  Either a parent or student may pick up the lunch.
Friday, March 20, 2020
  1. YES!!!We made it through the first week.  Thank you to staff, parents and students for creating a partnership that is working!!
  2. The President mentioned no federal standardized testing this year. We would need to be notified from our NJ Department of Ed for it to be official.  I will notify everyone when I hear from our department.
  3.  Any families needing helpwith bills, rent, food, etc, the NJ 211 Partnership of New Jersey has a COVID-19 Community Economic Relief Fund. Please call 877-652-1148 for information.
  4. EXTENDED HOURS:A grab and go lunch and breakfast is available Monday – Thursday from 12:45pm – 1:45pm and on FRIDAYS from 12:45 – 2:30 for students who qualify for the Free or Reduced lunch program.   Breakfast and Lunch will be available for pickup at one location; School #3 located at Park/Palisade Avenues.  Either a parent or student may pick up the lunch.
  5. Comments from our MS Students:
  • I think it’s comfortable and fun but kinda of confusing by shifting classes. (Grade 7)
  • I like remote learning but it gets boring sometimes without your friends. (Grade 7)
  • Remote learning is fun but switching classes gets confusing.(Grade 7)
  • I think it is better this way so we all can be safe. (Grade 7)
  • In my opinion, I thought this was going to be hard but it is not. I love how all the teachers are trying their best to teach and help us at the same time. (Grade 8)
  • To be honest, I’d rather be in class (Grade 8)
  • Remote learning was a little bit difficult for me at first. I underestimated everything. But I got the hang of it on the second day. Even though we get to stay at home for school I would still rather be at school. I miss all my friends and teachers a lot.  Being at home isn’t really cool anymore but we do it to stay safe. Anyway have a great weekend and stay safe too!  (Grade 8)
  • It’s easy but boring, I don’t like staying in one place for a few hours (Grade 8)
  • I enjoy it. It goes by quicker than normal school and I haven’t had any problems with the lessons (Grade 8)
  1. Comments from HS Student:
    From a HS student to his/her teacher, “I just wanted to say your videos are very good and easy to understand. Thank you so much for taking the time to make them for us. I know right now, online school is different and challenging, but you are making it a lot easier for us. Thank you so much for teaching us online through video, it helps a lot and I really appreciate the effort you are putting in.”

From a HS Parent to administration:  I hope you and your family are all doing well.
Just wanted to take a moment and thank you for talking to seniors including my daughter today via Google meet. She has been very sad these past few days complaining about missing schools and her daily routines.  Her mood completely changed after your call.”

Thursday, March 19, 2020
  1. An important SwiftReach call will be going out tonight at 8pm to all parents and staff.  A letter will be posted to the website at 8pm.
  2. What a student had to say about his HS teacher, “Due to the remote learning, I would just like to thank you for going the extra mile to ensure your students understand the lesson you are teaching. All the work you put into your students’ education is greatly appreciated and never goes unnoticed. Hope to see you soon”.
  3. What a parent had to stay about our HS Virtual Meeting, “just wanted to let you know how wonderful the idea of giving your time to the seniors was this afternoon.   You guys are rock stars right now, I can assure you.  The kids had a blast and this was certainly the highlight of today.   Please know that we appreciate all you are doing to make this situation as “normal” as possible.
  4. More and more students are taking advantage of our Grab and Go breakfast and lunch.  Get the word out!!  Everyday at 12:45-1:45pm, M-F.
Wednesday, March 18, 2020
  1. This is what students are saying about our ‘Virtual Learning’..

“Online school is actually quite nice as I get to stay home (lol), much quieter. I feel like most of the teachers are doing a great job at handling the situation and keeping the students up to date on assignments. I had my doubts at the beginning however it seems to be working out thus far.”

  1.  Jersey Mike’s Subs in Fort Leeis offering free meals to students in need, Mondays to Fridays from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.
  2. A grab and go lunch and breakfast will be available starting Monday from 12:45pm – 1:45pm for students who qualify for the Free or Reduced lunch program.   Breakfast and Lunch will be available for pickup at one location; School #3 located at Park/Palisade Avenues.  Either a parent or student may pick up the lunch.
  3. The NJ Depart of Ed will be deciding on whether state testing (NJSLA) will be rescheduled due school closings.  They will probably extend the testing window dates.
Tuesday, March 17, 2020

This is what is being said about the great job our staff is doing;
Email from a Parent:

“I think you guys did a great job with the virtual thing.. cliffside park schools are well organized with this whole thing,  believe it or not, I work with a girl her kids go to W?, same grade and they are all over the place.. W? and N? the same, .I told them what you guys are doing and they are like WOW ..just thought to let u know”

  1.  A grab and go lunch and breakfast will be available starting Monday from 12:45pm – 1:45pm for students who qualify for the Free or Reduced lunch program.   Breakfast and Lunch will be available for pickup at one location;  School #3 located at Park/Palisade Avenues.  Either a parent or student may pick up the lunch.
  2. Guidance Counselors, Child Study Team Members and Nurses who are working from home are available by calling their direct phone number or calling our school office who will direct your call. You may also contact them by email.
  3. Principals and secretaries are reporting to work each day between the hours of 8am -2pm.  You may contact your child’s principal by phone or email.
Monday, March 16, 2020
  1. Our first day of ‘virtual learning’ went well.  If you have any comments or questions, please contact your building principal or email me directly at: mjr@cliffsidepark.edu.
  2. It’s very important with all the news reports and talk about the Coronavirus that parents speak with their children about the current situation in a positive manner. Children experience stress as adults do and it’s important to provide them with accurate information. Below are some helpful links that you can use to speak with your children.
  • National Association of School Psychologists/National School Nurses Association: Talking to Children About COVID-19


  • Child Mind Institute: Talking to Kids About Coronavirus.


  • SAMHSA: Coping With Stress During Infectious Disease Outbreaks


  • Link to a kid-friendly video of the virus


  1.  A grab and go lunch will be available every day from 12:45pm – 1:45pm for students who qualify for the Free or Reduced lunch program.   Lunch will be available for pickup at one location;  School #3 located at Park/Palisade Avenues.  Either a parent or student may pick up the lunch.
Sunday, March 15, 2020
  1. All schools will be closed for students beginning Monday, March 16th.  Students will take part in “Virtual On-line” learning beginning Monday as per the directions from their Principal and as outlined in the “Remote Plan” posted to our website.
  2. grab and go lunch will be available starting Monday from 12:45pm – 1:45pm for students who qualify for the Free or Reduced lunch program.   Lunch will be available for pickup at one location;  School #3 located at Park/Palisade Avenues.  Either a parent or student may pick up the lunch.
  3. Working parents should be making child care plans for at least the next two weeks.  In doing so, please keep in mind that students in grades 3-12 will be required to complete daily virtual assignments.  Students in grades PreK-2 have packets to complete and may need parental assistance.  Assignments completed during the school closure period will count towards their report card/assessment grades.
  4. If a student is having problems with his or her Chrome Book they are to contact their school and ask for assistance.
  5. All sports and after school activities are suspended.
  6. Parents whose children attend our After School Program in grades PreK-3 will have their tuition credited for the time we are closed.
  7. The following services will be offering FREE Internet for K-12 students.  More information and enrollment is available by calling: Spectrum:  1-844-488-8395, Altice: 1-866-200-9522
Friday, March 13, 2020
1. Students will have an early dismissal today, Friday.
2. Schools closed Monday for students, online learning begins Monday.
3. All sports, school activities suspended until further notice.