Student Athlete Requirements

The following are the requirements before a student athlete can participate on a Cliffside Park Athletic Team:

1) Physical Form – Click Here

A physical lasts for 365 days and is offered to CPHS at no cost to the student athlete on specific dates throughout the year. A student athlete must have a new physical each year in order to be eligible to play/participate in a sport.

The Emergency Card, Consent Form and all four pages of the physical form must be completely filled out in order for the physical to be accepted. Please be sure to fill out the entire packet completely and have your doctor sign off on all required signature lines if you miss the physical date at CPHS. Please keep a copy of the physical before turning it in.

2) Athletic Sign-Off Packet – Click Here

The Parent/Guardian Acknowledgement form must be turned in before participating. This includes practices, scrimmages, and/or games.

3) Opioid Use and Misuse Fact Sheet and Sign-Off Sheet – Click Here (9-12 Sports Only)

In accordance with N.J.S.A. 18A:40-41.10, the  fact sheet must be distributed and the sign-off sheet be completed and collected yearly for each student athlete prior to the first official practice session and turned into your coach or directly to the AD.

4) Concussion Testing

All student athletes will complete a baseline test before the start of a sport season/school year every two years. Testing times are announced before the start of each season. Consult with your coach or AD for more information.

5) NJSIAA Eligibility Rules for Student-Athletes:

  • A student-athlete cannot participate in interscholastic athletics if he or she has reached the age of nineteen (19) prior to September 1st of any year.
  • To be eligible for athletic competition during the first semester (September 1 to January 31) a student must have passed 25% of the credits (30) required by the State of New Jersey for graduation (120), during the immediately preceding academic year. Only 2 courses may be taken during summer school to secure additional credits.
  • To be eligible for athletic competition during the second semester (February 1 to June 30) a student must have passed the equivalent of 12.5% of the credits (15) required by the State of New Jersey for graduation (120) at the close of the preceding semester (January 31). Full year courses shall be equated as half of the total credits to be gained for the full year to determine credits passed during the immediately preceding semester.
  • A student-athlete cannot participate in more than eight (8) consecutive semesters. Therefore the student-athlete may NOT have participated in high school interscholastic athletics in grade 8 or prior.