High School Faculty

Faculty   Email Website
Lawrence Pinto Principal Email Mr. Pinto  
Kenneth Schmitt Vice Principal Email Mr. Schmitt  
John Lombardo Vice Principal Email Mr. Lombardo  
Dave Porfido Athletic Director Email Mr. Porfido  
Ann Aquino Secretary Email Ms. Aquino  
Ruthann Rodriguez Secretrary Email Ms. Rodriguez  
Deirdre Mariotti Nurse Email Ms. Mariotti  
Alyce Cusano Guidance Email Mr. Ludwig Guidance Website
Tatiana Cruzado Guidance  Email Ms. Cruzado Ms. Levine Website
Joseph Del Risco Student Assistance Counselor Email Mr. Del Risco Mr. Del Risco Website
Lori Levine  Guidance Email Ms. Levine Ms. Levine Website
Dr. Edward Meier Guidance Email Dr. Meier Dr. Meier's Website
Marissa Romano Guidance Email Ms. Romano Ms. Romano's Website
Kimberly Shaw Guidance Email Ms. Shaw Ms. Shaw Website
Andrea Romano  Media Email Mrs. Romano Library Website
Mary Bellobuono  Child Study Team Email Ms. Bellobuono  
Norma Reyes  Child Study Team Email Ms. Reyes  
Christine Spoto  Child Study Team Email Mrs. Spoto  
Georgette Van Vliet  Language Arts Supervisor Email Mrs. Van Vliet  
Steve Adler  English Email Mr. Adler  
Laura Amico  English Email Ms. Amico  Ms. Amico Website
Daren Amodeo  English Email Mr. Amodeo  Mr. Amodeo Website
Elizabeth Bautista LEP Email Ms. Bautista  
Angy Bayon LEP Email Ms. Bayon  
Melanie Brooks LEP Email Ms. Brooks  
Josephine Cilia  LEP Email Ms. Cilia  
Madeline Colangelo English Email Ms. Colangelo  
Lynda Donato-Jennings English Email Mrs. Donato-Jennings  
Denise Hartos English Email Ms. Hartos  
Andrea Lupica English Email Ms. Lupica  Mr. Amodeo Website
Thomas Mandile English Email Mr. Mandile  
Talin Manukian LEP Email Ms. Manukian  
Vicki Nousias English Email Ms. Nousias  
Patrica Petermann English Email Ms. Petermann  
Thiana Salvatierra LEP Email Ms. Salvatierra  
Stephanie Witty English Email Ms. Witty  
Tiffany Woodley English Email Ms. Woodley  
Jonathan Jannucci Humanities Supervisor Email Mr. Jannucci Mr. Jannucci Website
Agatino Accardi Italian Email Mr. Accardi  
Vicente Barrera Spanish Email Mr. Barerra  
Maurizio Balestra  Italian  Email Mr. Balestra  
Chris Boyle Visual Arts Email Mr. Boyle  
Carmine Cambareri  Social Studies  Email Mr. Cambareri  
Jonathan Guerra Social Studies Email Mr. Guerra  
Aristides Karagiannis  Social Studies  Email Mr. Karagiannis  
Edvard Kusaksizyan  French Email Mr. Kusaksizyan  
Charles O’Hanlon Social Studies Email Mr. O'Hanlon  
Natalie Maks Visual Arts Email Ms. Maks  
Rosa Melgar Spanish Email Ms. Melgar  
Rosa Perez Spanish Email Ms. Perez  Mrs. Perez Website
John Ranu Social Studies Email Mr. Ranu  
Candice Rowan Social Studies Email Ms. Rowan  
Claire Russo Visual Arts Email Ms. Russo  
Jaime Spiliotes Visual Arts Email Ms. Spiliotes  
Craig Sutera Social Studies Email Mr. Sutera  
Jacqueline St. Thomas Social Studies  Email Ms. St. Thomas  
Carmela Tufano Social Studies Email Ms. Tufano  
Leah Turro Social Studies  Email Ms. Turro  
Eric Van Gyzen Social Studies Email Mr. Van Gyzen  
Robert Venezia Social Studies Email Mr. Venezia  
Marqueritha Clarke Math and Technology Supervisor Email Ms. Clarke  
Katherine Asto Math  Email Ms. Asto  
Chin Hee Baek Math Email Ms. Baek  
Stella Bianchi Math  Email Ms. Bianchi  
Jill Fucci  Math Email Mrs. Fucci  
Ji Yeon Lim Math Email Mr. Lim  
Galia Kisiova Math  Email Ms. Kisiova  
Nataliya Olifer Math  Email Ms. Olifer  Ms. Olifer Website
Kristi Pampinto Math  Email Ms. Pampinto  Ms. Pampinto Website
Ronald Rubnich Math  Email Mr. Rubnich  Mr. Rubnich Website
Edi Schesing Math  Email Ms. Schesing  
Kevin Shelley Math  Email Mr. Shelley Mr. Shelley Website
Yelena Volynskaya Math  Email Ms. Volynskaya Ms. Volynskaya Website
Jacqueline Wolosz Math  Email Ms. Wolosz  
Maria Zisa Math  Email Ms. Zisa  
Charles Danho Science and Engineering Supervisor  Email Mr. Danho  Mrs. Perez Website
Susan Avallone Science Email Mrs. Avallone  
Adam Bernstein Science Email Mr. Bernstein Mr. Bernstein Website
Danielle Cibelli Science  Email Ms. Cibelli  
Edward Dolan Science  Email Mr. Dolan  
Dan Helm Science  Email Mr. Helm  
Fred Klie Science Email Mr. Klie  
Eles Ledina Science Email Ms. Ledina  
Daniel Sherwood Science Email Mr. Sherwood Email Mr. Sherwood
Yosilda Suarez Science  Email Ms. Suarez  Mrs. Perez Website
David Porfido Phys. Ed. and Performing Arts Supervisor Email Mr. Porfido  
Christine Shawala Performing Arts  Email Ms. Shawala  
Scott Bovino Physical Education Email Mr. Bovino  
Matthew Brunelli Physical Education Email Mr. Brunelli  
Loraine Elia Physical Education Email Ms. Elia  
Joseph Esposito Physical Education Email Mr. Esposito  
James Fucci Physical Education Email Mr. Fucci  
Steve Jano  Physical Education Email Mr. Jano  
Janet Kotowski Physical Education Email Ms. Kotowski  
Derek Nelson Performing Arts Email Mr. Nelson  
Lindsey Reggo Physical Education Email Ms. Reggo  
Phillip Struzzi Athletic Trainer Email Mr. Struzzi  
James Gaffney  Career Education Supervisor Email Mr. Gaffney  
Salvator Aiello  Career Education Email Mr. Aiello  
Janet Basioli  Career Education Email Ms. Basioli  
Gail Baskerville-Norris  Career Education Email Ms. Baskerville-Norris  
Carol Brooks  Career Education Email Ms. Brooks  
Felicia East Life Skills Email Ms. East  
Ed Jones  Career Education Email Mr. Jones  Email Mr. Sherwood
Barbara Kennedy  Career Education Email Mrs. Kennedy  
Tracey Mascolo  Career Education Email Ms. Mascolo  Email Mr. Sherwood
Mike Scarzafava  Career Education Email Mr. Scarzafava  
Johnny Dominguez Technology Email Mr. Dominguez  
Alexi Gomez Technology Email Mr. Gomez