High School Principal

The first marking period is nearly over. Freshmen should be adjusted and familiar with the building at this point. Seniors should be finalizing post secondary opportunities for college or vocational schools. For sophomores and juniors, it is never too late to join an activity and begin identifying your goals for after high school.

Over the last year Cliffside Park High School has enjoyed tremendous success. This success is only possible by the unwavering commitment from students and staff. We are making tremendous strides, but our work isn’t done. We continue to offer leadership experiences for students and provide rigorous programs.

Two programs we are investigating and hope to make available next year include an early associates program and an academies program. Through a partnership with Bergen Community College, the early associates program would enable students to graduate Cliffside Park High School with an associates degree. If students maintain a 3.5 or higher they can enroll at New Jersey State universities on scholarship. The academy program would be available to students interested in STEM, Humanities, Culinary Arts, and Business. In addition to coursework, students will complete an internship/externship or service project to better the community.


Below are just some of the achievements and acknowledgements Cliffside Park High School has received over the last year:

  • We have been recognized as one of the 25 most improved schools in the ┬ástate of New Jersey
  • Our school rank amongst high schools has increased over 50 spots since last year and nearly 80 overall since 15-16.
  • Since 15-16 our Chronic Absenteeism has decreased from 37.1% to 8.5%
  • The class of 18-19 is exceeding the state proficiency rates for both ELA III and Algebra II
  • Graduation rate is approaching 90%
  • 50% of students exceeding 3 or higher in Advanced Placement assessments in Computer Science, Calculus, English, Spanish, Social Studies and Biology
  • 22 AP courses offered
  • 54 credits are approved to students through Bergen Community College and available at a discounted rate
  • Two students serve on the Junior Commission for Status of Women in Bergen County. All other participating schools have one
  • 150 students were registered to vote, highest in Bergen County
  • New Jersey State Champions for the Vocabulary Bowl
  • Over 60 seniors participate in various internships in hospitals, law firms, engineering firms, government, and schools to name a few
  • Ongoing leadership and mentoring opportunities for students