School # 3 Principal

Message from Your Principal- Mrs. Calabrese:

School Three is a neighborhood school that is located in Southeastern Bergen County.  With an enrollment of approximately 290 students in First Grade through Sixth, our school has continued a proud tradition of providing our students with quality educational programs and a safe and secure environment.  We begin each day by ringing the bell every morning at 8:30AM and again at 2:55PM to signal the opening and closing of the school day. This tradition continues to bring memories of the past to our present school environment. The bell tower, painted in hues of gold, bronze, and white, stands out as well as the new digital marquee on our front lawn.
The faculty and staff at School Three is comprised of both tenured, veteran teachers and newly hired non-tenured teachers who have who entered the field of education to make a difference in the lives of the children . Most of the teachers hold advanced degrees in education, and have both mentored and exchanged teaching styles and techniques with younger staff members. This blend of experience and youth has been extremely beneficial to the children who attend school in this building.

It would not take one long to realize that Cliffside Park School #3 is a diverse, pluralistic and multicultural entity. The diversity of the families that entrust their children to us is one of the schools greatest assets. Although the diversity is challenging, teachers use it to establish positive learning experiences. Being a multi-cultural school, students gain an appreciation of each other and are able to learn from shared encounters. Parents are encouraged to interact with the teachers and communication between them is vital.
Our academic program includes a balanced literacy approach that engages our students in Reader’s and Writer’s Workshop.  Our elementary teachers are well-versed in using daily objectives that support the New Jersey Student Learning Standards. Mathematics foundations are also stressed, aligning lessons to the NJSLS. Remedial assistance is offered to students in grades one through grades six in our Title 1 Language Arts program as well as Title 1 Math for grades three through six. Our Intervention and Referral Services Committee works with parents, teachers and Child Study Team professionals who offer assistance to students who exhibit academic and/or behavioral difficulties.

In addition to a rich academic curriculum, each student receives instruction in Computer, Art, Physical Education, Vocal Music, Library Skills, Instrumental Music, and World Language (Spanish), on a weekly basis along with our Gifted and Talented program.

I am most proud of our well-educated teaching staff that brings a positive outlook into the building every day. Our highly trained staff shares new and creative ideas with their colleagues on a weekly basis that helps to make a difference at the end of each and every busy day. Extra help is provided on a regular basis for students who are in need of assistance in any subject area. As part of our community outreach program, High School students also assist our students with homework help after school from 3:00-4:00pm.

To be successful it is also necessary to exhibit respectful behavior. Here at # 3 School good manners are stressed every day. Character traits such as honesty, respect, fairness, cooperation, trust, and responsibility are discussed throughout the year. Yes, at School No. 3 good manners matter.

The children are the schools greatest asset and we want to provide our students with the skills and knowledge necessary to compete in our complex society. Our teachers come to work every day with relevant curriculum to stimulate pupil performance.

Our secretary, classroom aides, lunch aides, custodians and other personnel are also hardworking, dedicated, conscientious individuals, who for the most part, live in our community, and have children in the school system.

It is our goal to create a healthy, safe, and enjoyable workplace that will give students the self-confidence and opportunity to grow and succeed. In our school, everybody is somebody. We plan to continue to employ the latest methods and techniques in an effort to meet the needs of our students.