School # 3 Principal

Message from Principal Calabrese:

Thank you for visiting Cliffside Park School #3 website. We hope you enjoy exploring all of the links on our website to find out exactly why CP#3 is a great place to learn and grow. The entire School 3 staff is dedicated to fulfilling our mission and tackling new and challenging educational platforms each and every year.

School 3 is a community of learners encouraging high student achievement in a caring environment! Each year we continue to strive to maintain our ranking as one of the top elementary schools in NJ.

CP#3 is one of four elementary schools in the borough of Cliffside Park. We are located in the center of town and home to twelve, new modular classrooms. Our plan is to make the modular classrooms an extension to our existing building and slowly, beautify and enrich the entire campus. While we are in our transition phase, continue to trust that each and everyday we continue to provide a warm, welcoming, and nurturing environment to support student learning and mind growth in meaningful ways.

Our school has approximately 360 students enrolled in Kindergarten through Fourth grade. Our student population is richly diverse, which has helped our school community appreciate the uniqueness of each member. All of us share the desire for our children to be respectful, responsible, and resourceful learners and citizens. School 3 is the home for English Language Learners (ELL) students, a Bi-lingual 1st Grade, and several self-contained Special Education classrooms. We have over 10 different languages spoken at School Three, with Spanish and Turkish as our most common foreign languages.

The School Three Staff is a talented group of teachers and support staff dedicated to fulfilling our mission. We provide a nurturing environment where children, staff, and parents work together to assure quality learning based upon the New Jersey Student Learning Standards (NJSLS). Grade level teams and resource staff work collaboratively to maintain our learning focus on improved literacy and engaged learning supported by technology. We also put a lot of emphasis on our Character Education Program, making a commitment to supporting positive citizenship and respect for everyone. Our school motto “Everybody is Somebody” and our School Three school pledge unite the school in an effort to create and maintain a positive school atmosphere.

We hope that you will continue to reinforce our CHARACTER COUNTS philosophy at home so that our children are hearing the same positive messages both at school and at home.

The parents of School Three students are welcome to be involved in the daily life of our school. Parents provide nurturing, supportive homes where learning is valued. Many parents, in addition to their strong family commitments, work with our Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) as volunteers in the school, assisting with teaching and learning.

The School Three Staff looks forward to working with parents and community to make the 2019-2020 school year as successful as possible. Together, we can make this happen.

Please feel free to contact me should have any questions about our school.

Your Partner in Education,
Mrs. Donna Calabrese