School #6 Faculty

Faculty   Email Website
 Robert Bargna Principal  Email Mr. Bargna Mr. Bargna's Website
 Kathy Tortora Secretary  Email Mrs. Tortora  
 Suzanne Bock Nurse  Email Mrs. Bock Mrs. Bock's Website
Kathleen Matulewicz Guidance Counselor  Email Mrs. Matulewicz Ms. Matulewicz Website
 Kathy Burns Fifth Grade  Email Ms. Lombardi Mrs. Burn's Website
 Vincenza Cammareri Fifth Grade Email Ms. Cammareri Ms. Cammareri Website
Lara Kane Fifth Grade Email Mrs. Kane Mrs. Kane Website
 Benjamin Luderer Fifth Grade Email Mr. Luderer Mr. Luderer's Site
Craig Nichols Fifth Grade Email Mrs. D'anna Mr. Nichols' Website
Barbara Scordo Fifth Grade Email Mrs. Kane Ms. Scordo's Website
Ingrid Abbott Sixth Grade Email Ms. Abbott  
Sarah Dayan Sixth Grade Email Mrs. Dayan Mrs. Dayan's Website
Joshua Farra Sixth Grade Email Mr. Farra Mr. Farra's Website
William Grogan Sixth Grade Email Mr. Grogan Mr. Grogan Website
Marcelle LaRose Sixth Grade Email Ms. LaRose Ms. LaRose's Website
Krystal Mirkovic Sixth Grade Email Mrs. Mirkovic Mrs. Mirkovic's Website
Jennifer Rogers Sixth Grade Email Mrs. Rogers Ms. Rogers' Website
Thea Unagast Sixth Grade Email Mrs. Unagast Mrs. Unagast's Website
Alinda Vartanian Sixth Grade Email Ms. Vartanian Ms. Vartanian's Website
Jamie Woyce Sixth Grade Email Ms. Woyce Ms. Woyce's Website
Gabriella Chamul Special Education Email Mrs. Chamul Mrs. Chamul's Website
Brianne Murray Special Education Email Ms. Murray Ms. Murray's Website
Yahaira Canales Resource Room Email Ms. Canales Mrs. Canales' Website
Frances Fortea Resource Room Email Ms. Fortea Ms. Fortea's Website
Marybeth Sailer Resource Room Email Ms. Sailer Mrs. Sailer's Website
Sean MacIsaac Physical Education Email Mr. MacIsaac Mr. MacIsacc's Website
Rachel O’Hanlon Art/Computer/Gifted and Talented Email Ms. O'Hanlon  Mrs. O'Hanlon Website
Frank Barber Computers/Gifted and Talented Email Mr. Barber Mr. Barber's Website
Valerie Clark Art/Computers Email Mrs. Clark Mrs. Clark's Website
 Michael Ryan Computers Email Mr. Ryan  
 Linda Ludwikowski Library/Media Email Ms. Ludwikowski Mrs. Ludwikowski's Website
Jimmy Oran Vocal Music Email Mr. Oran Mr. Oran's Website
 Jerry Delisio Instrumental Music Email Mr. Delisio Mr. Delisio's Website
 Richard Leighton World Language Email Mr. Leighton Mr. Leighton's Website
Brenda Mollinedo World Language Email Mrs. Mollinedo Ms. Mollinedo's Website
 Julie O’Connor ESL Email Mrs. O'Connor  Dr. O'Connor Website
Angelo Alban Title 1 Email Mr. Alban Mr. Alban's Website
Stephanie Liriano Title 1 Email Ms. Liriano Mrs. Liriano's Website
 Gini Luraschi Title 1 Language Arts Email Mrs. Luraschi Title 1 Website
 Shontaye Glover Speech Email Mrs. Glover Ms. Shontaye's Website
 Megan Haney Speech Email Ms. Haney Ms. Haney's Websitr
Rufino Claros Technology Coordinator Email Mr. Claros  
Elizabeth Matias Occupational Therapist Email Ms. Matias Ms. Matias' Website
Dr. Lori Udina Physical Therapist Email Dr. Udina Dr. Udina's Website
Kristen Labbate Behaviorist Email Ms. Labbate Ms. Labbate's Website