School #6 Principal

“Children may forget what you say but will never forget how you make them feel.”

——- Anonymous

School No. 6 is a combined Elementary and Middle School spanning grades one through eight. The mission of our staff is to create a learning environment that is student-centered, challenging and nurturing. We strive to help each student develop his/her individual potential and to create an atmosphere that is rich with experiences that stimulate a love of learning. Our student body is ethnically diverse, allowing students to understand and appreciate the many cultural differences that unite us into one family.

Our faculty is a dedicated group of lifelong learners who constantly strive to improve.  Their love of learning and teaching is evident every day. The academic success of each student continues to be their top priority as they strive to meet the needs of every student.  Our staff communicates well with one another, attends grade level meetings, serves on several district committees, and is encouraged to improve their skills through attendance at various professional development workshops. Our Superintendent of Schools, Mr. Michael Romagnino and the Cliffside Park Board of Education have been instrumental in providing our faculty with professional development opportunities in an effort to maximize classroom instruction. These professional development workshops are designed to help incorporate the latest teaching methods to meet the needs of all our students.

There are 347 students in the elementary school and each day our students are provided opportunities to expand their knowledge. In Grades 1 through 6, the staff is guided by the philosophy that reading is the foundation for successful learning. Reading skills are nurtured through our balanced approach toward literacy. Guided reading strategies are linked with Reader’s Workshop activities and differentiated instruction. This year we will be implementing new curriculum programs in the ELA. In grades 1-2, Fundations, a systematic Phonics program will be used to build strong phonological foundations. In grades 1-3 a new reading program, Reading Fundamentals, will be used to support our balanced literacy approach. In addition to using Writer’s Workshop, a strong writing component entitled Writing Fundamentals has been integrated into our curriculum addressing writing skills for students at all grade levels.

Along with standard academic curriculum offerings, elementary school students have additional opportunities in such areas as fine arts, computer instruction, library/media skills, physical education, and participation in a gifted and talented program. Resource room assistance, speech, occupational therapy, and physical therapy are provided for eligible students. ESL classes are in place for students new to our country.

Our Middle School houses 372 students and offers our 7th and 8th graders programs and opportunities that are challenging and innovative. Designed to mirror the district’s high school program, the middle school provides strong academic structure, consistent discipline policies, and comprehensive preparation for the high school experience. In addition to meeting the guidelines set forth in the state’s Common Core Content Standards, our students benefit from a science lab, library/media center (shared with the elementary school), computer lab, technology lab, and a full physical education/health education program. Special education programs allow students to maximize their individual potential with a supportive and experienced staff. ESL courses encourage students new to this country to function effectively in the mainstream. Strong emphasis is placed on social development, personal responsibility, and positive decision making. Students are taught to respect each other and their individual talents.

Extra-curricular activities hold an important place in our middle school program. With regard to fine and performing arts, we are proud of our middle school band, chorus and drama club. Our art program encourages creative expression. Individual talents are celebrated at our Art Fair and at concerts during the course of the school year. The middle school also supports a Student Council, newspaper, a debate club and yearbook staff. Each year, under the direction of our middle school guidance counselor, eligible eighth graders are inducted into our official chapter of the National Junior Honor Society.
The Cliffside Park School District in partnership with Jewish Family Services offers an afterschool program for students in grades K-8. The program is staffed by our certified teachers. The program consists of an hour of homework help followed by a series of enrichment courses.
The faculty and staff of School No. 6 are very proud of our students, their accomplishments and are dedicated to providing all of them with learning opportunities. Academic success is a top priority and we strive to meet the needs of all our students each and every day.  We appreciate the support of our community and encourage all parents and guardians to play a positive role in the educational process of their children.

Mr. Michael Bucco