School #4 Winter Concerts

Dear parents, guardians,students and friends,

It has been a great joy to teach these songs to the students of school four. 

I am proud to share that we worked very hard on very challenging music and it shows in the videos.  To find a specific spot on the video please use the index below.

I hope you enjoy watching them as much as we enjoyed making them.  

As always, you can contact me anytime at

Happy holidays and happy and a healthy new year to all.

Mr. Shantzis

00:00 1) Kindergarten Hello Songs -(2 songs) 

01:38 2) Kindergarten Jingle Bells     

02:36 3) 1st grade Must be Santa

05:32 4) 1st grade All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth

08:07 5  2nd grade Santa Claus is coming to town

10:01 6) 2nd grade Wonderful World 

12:41 7) 3rd grade My Favorite Things

15:49 8) 3rd grade The Bare necessities

18:41 9) 4th grade Grown up Christmas List

22:53 10) 4th grade Here comes the sun

25:58 11) 5th grade Reach out And Touch

29:27 12) 5th grade Winter Wonderland